Young Girl Scout girls strive to break away from the low self-esteem pressures that our media industry casts upon them.

Dove Campaign Pairs with Girl Scout “Uniquely ME!” Program

Much like the Dove campaign itself, “Uniquely Me” hopes to create self-esteem within young girls ages 8-17. Uniquely Me is driven by at risk behaviors that can come from girls that are self-conscious of themselves. Their main concern is keeping behaviors like smoking, unsafe sex, and drinking to a minimum when young girls are going through a tough stage in life.

This program hopes to give the girls confidence by letting them recognize life skills given to them with the Uniquely Me booklets. The following are the topics and target ages that the booklets serve: 8-10 year olds, uniquely ME! The Way to Be; 11-14 year olds uniquely ME! Inside & Out; 14-17 year olds, Mirror Mirror:Discover Your Inner Beauty. These booklets all consist of exercises that make these girls realize their personal strengths and unique attributes. In addition to this, there is more information about issues like personal hygiene, eating disorders, relationships and stress. The additional information tells them how to deal with these kinds of issues. For adults involved in the Girl Scouts organization like troop leaders and volunteers, there are booklets about how they can be a resources to young girls dealing with these issues.

The Uniquely Me booklets serve as a very useful tool for these young girls but it’s not all that the program has to offer. They also offer mentoring, community service, or sports to support the program as hands-on opportunities for people to get involved in. These kinds of activities hope to make girls come outside of their shell to gain leadership skills and help them discover new things about themselves.

For the most part, Uniquely Me wants to give young girls other ways to deal with self-esteem issues than developing risky behavioral problems. Providing ways that girls can discover new things about themselves should provide them with a good understanding of right and wrong when it comes to dealing with self-esteem.