Kick the Low Self-Esteem Blues

With the launch of this video (at bottom) in 2006, Dove’s main focus is no longer on their product but on an idea. By airing this commercial Dove hopes to transform future interpretations of beauty. The “Evolution” video reveals all that goes into this superficial look we’re all used to seeing in magazines and advertisements. The Campaign for Real Beauty hopes to target young girls ages 8-12. The reason for this being that, this is the age range before girls will face the peer pressure of superficial beauty in their everyday lives. However, I have a different opinion of who this campaign should be targeting. While 8-12 is still a good target range, I don’t think there’s a need for any certain range at all.

Self consciousness doesn’t have a target audience at all. While it is probably worse in your teen years, I still think everyone struggles with self-consciousness all throughout life. Therefore, people should know some general rules to achieve a maximum feeling of self-confidence in an adult/professional life. The following is my rendition of rules stated in a “Psychology Today” article. (

Be on time. Practice self-discipline by being punctual. Not to mention, you can impress yourself and others by always being on time. It allows you to create reliability for yourself and the people the can rely on you will make you feel good about yourself. Who wants rushed anyway? Do yourself a favor and show up early sometimes to mentally prepare yourself for activities ahead.

Stick to the facts. A white lie here, a white lie there…what’s it really worth? Save yourself the problems and just don’t do it at all. Being ashamed is one of the main things that will bring on feelings of self-consciousness and lying is bound to come with shame. Plus, not lying will help you gain credibility and people will listen to what you have to say knowing that you know what you’re talking about.

Cut the gossip. He said, she said…WHO CARES. Don’t take part in it, especially if you’re in a professional setting. People tend to pass judgements about your work ethic and personality if you are contributing to gossip conversations in a negative way. No one wants to be the co-worker/peer/team partner that never grew up. To keep from gossiping, just think about how you feel when someone talks about you. Hopefully this will make you want to save them the stress of talking about them behind their back. Replace gossip with meaningful conversations that make more friends and show your true personality.

Keep your word. This way, people will rely on you for things. It feels very good to be reliable and the pressure of having other people rely on you may allow you to do things you didn’t think you could. This one is simple. Can’t keep promises? Don’t make them.

All of these matter in building a strong confidence level. However, the most important thing to remember is to just enjoy life and laugh a lot. Don’t be too carefree about issues to the point that you just don’t care but always try to be true to yourself and do the right thing. Gossiping and telling lies just create unnecessary feelings of shame and embarrassment that fuel low self-esteem. Be a good person by showing your true colors and don’t worry about the rest.