My name is Paige Zimmerman. I’m a student at Iowa State University from Iowa City (don’t ask me how that happened). Don’t get it wrong, despite where I choose to go to school I am still true to my Iowa Hawkeyes. I am a sophomore in Apparel Merchandising and I guess you could say that’s why I ended up at Iowa State. The University of Iowa doesn’t have any apparel majors. Besides the Apparel Merchandising major, I have a minor in Journalism. After school I am hoping to get into the sports apparel industry at places like Under Armour or Nike.

This blog was designed in the class “JLMC 305” which is Publicity Methods. The client I was originally researching was the American Red Cross. After doing numerous assignments based around the Red Cross, I got bored with it. The Dove Campaign for Real Beauty has always been an interest of mine ever since the airing of the “Evolution” video. The commercial made me want to learn more but I never did. I decided that this assignment would be my chance to learn more about the campaign especially because I’m interested in issues like this.

I am known for having a very laid back personality. My laid back personality doesn’t allow me to understand why girls freak out about their image all the time. I care about having a good image but I don’t let images in magazines influence how I feel about myself. So I decided to research this campaign and hopefully find some answers to WHY girls let this stuff get to them so easily. I have friends that have these kinds of problems and maybe researching the Dove Campaign for Real Beauty will help me understand and be help to them.