Specification of the content and justification:

Opinion Blog- In the opinion blog, I will be talking about my reaction to the Dove “Evolution” video that was televised on TV about the process it takes to make a magazine/advertising model look perfect. This will then tie into a ground rules/how-to kind of approach where I will tell people what builds self-confidence. (Information comes from “Psychology Today” magazine)

Media Kit- The news release will feature information about the Uniquely ME! program that Dove has with Girl Scouts. The news release serves to inform people about it and how to possibly get involved.

Fact Sheet/Backgrounder- Primarily facts and statistics about the Dove Campaign for Real Beauty so people can easily read some fast facts about the campaign. The backgrounder will consist of a few paragraphs discussing these facts further.

Personal Biography- Information about where I’m from and why I’m interested in this organization.

Visuals- I made a sketch of an idea that I have for the Uniquely ME! program. The idea is to have a live chat that girls can use and talk to Girl Scout troop leaders about issues confidentially.

Multimedia- For this, I have made my own collaboration of photos into a slideshow with a song attached that I posted to YouTube. I felt like the song had a lot of feeling and I want people’s feelings to be stimulated when they look at some of the shocking pictures I have lined up.  There are also a lot of YouTube videos that have significance to the campaign. Those videos are the first thing that people see because I want to pull them in and have them learn through stimulating videos instead of text right off the bat.

Links- I will have the following links: Dove Campaign for Real Beauty website, The Butterfly Foundation website, the Uniquely ME! website, and the Facebook fan page for the Dove Campaign for Real Beauty. All of these links will serve to inform people if they want to know more about anything in the blog.

Statement of goals: The goal of this blog is for women to know that they are not alone if they feel insecure about themselves. The Dove Campaign for Real Beauty wants women/girls to know that they have the right to feel beautiful no matter what they look like and I hope to raise awareness about the campaign so more people know about it and it becomes more than a well-known commercial on TV.

Issue addressed: The issue addressed in this blog is one of common concern: self-consciousness among women. The Dove campaign hopes to free the next generation from beauty stereotypes.

Potential problems: I want this blog to be informative and encourage people to help out with the Dove Campaign for Real Beauty. However, the least I want is for people to have the knowledge after reading this enough to at least support the campaign.

Target audience: Any girls/women of any age. Self-consciousness doesn’t have an age limit, it starts with teens and spans out to any age. Now that I’ve moved to an online audience, my target expands to people interested in my topic and any other visitors or journalists.

Blog layout explanation: I personally don’t think people like webpages that have too much going on in them. Therefore, my blog is fairly simple and easy to access so people can get all of this information fast and easy.