The image to your left is a drawing that a made of an idea that I have for the Uniquely Me program to use. Now, I am a HORRIBLE artist and I have yet to have a decent Photoshop lesson or else I would’ve attempted to create this on Photoshop. Instead I made a rough (very rough) sketch of my idea. I decided that most of these girls in Girl Scout probably just want someone to talk to confidentially. My idea is that when girls join the Uniquely Me program, they will receive an online account. On this account the girls can create their own profile and meet other girls within the program. Most importantly, and what is shown in my drawing, is the option to have a live chat with a Girl Scout Troop leader or adult volunteer.  The agent will start out stating their name and list things that she could be of help to. The girl chatting with this representative can ask for assistance with the website but most importantly, the representative should be there just so that the girl has someone to talk to. The chatter will also have the option to video chat with the representative. The main goal of this idea is to just give girls someone else to talk to and know that they can talk confidentially.

This is my multimedia that I created for this blog. I posted this to YouTube and my original plan was an interview with Jay Newell but that fell threw so I created a photo slideshow myself. The video starts out with unrealistic images that mislead people, then I tried to incorporate actual Dove ads. By the end, the video shows before and after pictures done with Photoshop.